Dude, the Obscure

by Dude Law!

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4 dudes, a bunch of beers and a holiday.

All songs written and recorded by Dude Law on 3/1/2012 at Green Studio/Joe's Place.


released January 4, 2012

Art Bomber, Amin Salmon, Gabe Law, Joe H.



all rights reserved


Dude Law! Hong Kong

Punk rock that's more flannel and beards than leather and spikes, high-fives and French toast than cider and glue.

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Track Name: Anything You Like
You live like you wanted to
In a house down by the sea
Nothing could be wrong
Unless you wanted it to be
You could have
Anything you like
But you choose misery

If you really want to get the hell out of this town
Then just go…
If you can’t spend another day just hanging around
Fucking go…

Getting out
Isn’t half as hard as it seems
So just bite the bullet
Book the ticket
Leave that shit behind
You can have
Anything you like
But you choose misery
Track Name: Strikes and Gutters
Is this crushing you, like it’s crushing me?
I guess it’s time
for one of us to leave
Don’t apologise.
There’s no need to be sorry.
I suppose you’re right:
Dude, it will be okay.

Oh now, I lie awake at night
Wishing everything was on fire

So let it burn!
Let it burn right to the ground.
Everything we built, everything we lost together.
Come on, let’s dance!
On the ashes of what we had
Don’t stop moving ‘til the feeling’s over.

When moving on
feels like moving a mountain
but stay right here
seems like insanity
Better grab a drink
For the winter ahead
it’s pretty cold outside
but even colder in my bed